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06 Sep

Customer Catch Story: Noah Steed

Noah Steed Story Catch

“Noah is 9 years old. He fished every chance he can. He uses the BassForecast every Sunday to plan his week of fishing. Only expecting smaller fish, he left his baitcaster behind and was flipping a shaky head on 6lb line. He hooked this big girl, who shook and jumped like crazy. Knowing that he had light line, he calmly reeled her to the bank and then hand pulled her into the grass. It's his personal best bass!”

- Noah Steed

Catch Story Details

Date Caught


State Caught




Weight / Length

23.75" - 8lb 8oz

Lure Used

Zoom trick worm (green pumpkin) on Ned rig jig head

Rod Used

Ugly Stick, medium light

Reel Used

Ugly Stick

Line Used

Seaguar 6lb fluorocarbon line

BFC Rating


Bait Used


Bait Finish

Bait Color Theme

Presentation Speed

Lake Structure

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