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06 Sep

Customer Catch Story: Jaxon Bartholomew

Jaxon Bartholomew Story Catch

“I was sitting inside looking through my apps when I got to bass forecast. The rating was a 9.8 and it was just coming up on major time. So I got in the car and went to my favorite pond and caught this big fish.”

- Jaxon Bartholomew

Catch Story Details

Date Caught


State Caught




Weight / Length

24 inches long and 9 inches around

Lure Used

Jerkbait/Googan Squad

Rod Used

7H Falcon HD

Reel Used

Baitcast Curado K/Shimano

Line Used

15. Fluorocarbon/P Line

BFC Rating


Bait Used


Bait Finish

Bait Color Theme

Presentation Speed

Lake Structure

Primary Cover Type