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24 Jul

Customer Catch Story: Hiromi Adams

Hiromi Adams Story Catch

“My husband and I woke up early based on the bass forecast, it said the major time was 6:13 am to 8:13. We finally got on the water by 7 am as fished all our favorite spots. Then we were ready to almost call it a day when I mentioned let’s fish this area and I casted right up against tall reeds! Next thing I knew, there was a huge bite but I thought maybe it was a mudfish until it jumped out of the water!! It was an awesome catch!!”

- Hiromi Adams

Catch Story Details

Date Caught


State Caught




Weight / Length


Lure Used

Gary Yamamoto Senko worms

Rod Used

Sierra reel

Reel Used


Line Used

Power pro 30 pound braided line

BFC Rating