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25 Sep

Customer Catch Story: Chris Moyer

Chris Moyer Story Catch

“We knew it was going to be typical summer patterns with high, bright sun with little wind and no cloud cover. We were fishing a well traveled area and knew we needed to do something different than everyone else to get bites. We caught the 9.37 lb bass on a Wacky Rig, Zoom Trick Worm off a ledge in running water. Knew we had to find drop offs since it was so hot. The Top Structures located in BassForecast was spot on (as usual). Caught decent numbers for the day but only the one big one.”

- Chris Moyer

Catch Story Details

Date Caught


State Caught




Weight / Length


Lure Used

Zoom Trick Worm

Rod Used

Abu Garcia

Reel Used

Abu Garcia Spinning Reel

Line Used

Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon 17 lb

BFC Rating


Bait Used


Bait Finish

Bait Color Theme

Presentation Speed

Lake Structure

Primary Cover Type