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03 Feb

Customer Catch Story: Beckett Culbertson

Beckett Culbertson Story Catch

“I love going fishing with my Dad. We try to go as much as possible, and BassForecast helps us determine which days are best and what lures are likely to work the best. The app helped me catch the biggest bass of my life!”

- Beckett Culbertson

Catch Story Details

Date Caught


State Caught




Weight / Length

7 lbs. 4 oz.

Lure Used

6th Sense Divine Swimbait on bladed jig head

Rod Used

Abu Garcia MH 6’9”

Reel Used

Lews Speed Classic Pro Speed Spool

Line Used

Seaguar 15 lb fluorocarbon

BFC Rating


Bait Used


Bait Finish

Bait Color Theme

Presentation Speed

Lake Structure

Primary Cover Type