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Join the Lunker Club

Tell us about the Lunker you caught and join the BassForecast Lunker Club. Every qualified Lunker Club Member will receive a Strike King/Lew's $50 gift card by the end of the next month via email from Mike@bassforecast.com. Each month, one grand prize winner will receive a Lew's reel and rod combo. ALL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS WILL BE VERIFIED VIA PHONE.

To qualify, members must fill out the form below and submit a photo holding your Lunker on the day of your catch. Photo date stamp on file will be used to determine eligibility.

We share your catch data with statefish & game agencies to help them study big Bass behavior and improve the fisheries for all of us. So, please be as accurate as you can.

The first 50 entries that meet the qualifications will be eligible for entries for prizes:
- 6 lb. or 21.5 inch Largemouth caught in the North
- 8 lb. or 23.5 inch Largemouth caught in the South and California (See map for states in Red)
- 6 lb. or 21.5 inch Smallmouth
- 5 lb. or 20.5 inch Bass caught by any youth angler (13 years old and younger)

Map of United States with California Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida South Carolina highlighted red

Caught & Released Bass Only.
Must be BassForecast Premium Member.
One submission per year, per person.

Already a Lunker Club Member and caught a GIANT? We'd still love to share your story. Send us the details at support@bassforecast.com.

This information is used to support fisheries research. It will not be made public by BassForecast marketing.
In approximate foot depth
To be eligible, every submission must include a photo of you holding your Lunker and date of catch. Photo date stamp will be used to determine eligibility. All fish must be caught and released from this current calendar year.
*By submitting this form to BassForecast LLC you acknowledge that we may use your image, catch story, and social media handles for BassForecast marketing purposes. BassForecast will never share your email, address, or phone number.